This Chinese hybrid drone turns into a lifebuoy to rescue drowning swimmers

Image: Didiok Making

Image: Didiok Making

A Chinese company has revealed a remarkable drone that aims to save lives by fusing flotation devices and technology. Guangzhou City-based Didiok Makings developed the TY-3R, an Air-Water Rescue Drone system.

Accidental drownings pose a global threat, from the coastal regions to inland lakes and rivers. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), an estimated 236,000 people died from drowning each year. Drowning is the third leading cause of unintentional injury death.

Didiok Makings designed the TY-3R drone taking cues from the buoyancy of a lifebuoy. When a swimmer finds themselves struggling against powerful currents or exhaustion, rescuers can promptly deploy this aerial lifeline. After turning the drone on, the TY-3R can take off into the air, soaring towards the stranded.

Using a remote, operators can guide the drone to speeds up to 47 kmph. The TY-3R is equipped with a single-axis camera which provides a real-time 720p HD camera feed even in scenarios where a direct line of sight is impossible. The TY-3R can take off in wind resistance level 6 conditions. In such conditions, wind speeds typically vary between 40-50 kmph.

The TY-3R lands on the water’s surface upon reaching the stranded swimmer, transforming into a trusty floatation device. The TY-3R is capable of supporting up to two adults simultaneously.

Source: Interesting Engineering
Image: Didiok Making