“The core mission of ECTI is to prepare managers for the energy sector by offering short courses tailored to their professional needs, and to cultivate leaders, who are ready to address the growing demands of technology-driven challenges in energy efficiency, renewable energy, sustainability, and effectiveness of managing the environmental risks.”

Rima Khachatryan: The Daughter of an Émigré, London 2022

“In May 2022 UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources delivered advanced training on the topic of Behavioral Economics for the Energy Sector. Twelve participants selected by our partner, Executive Coaching and Training Institute (ECTI), from different companies, operating mainly in hydroelectric power generation and distribution sectors in Armenia took part in the training”.


UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources



“The models, case studies and intervention toolkits presented in the course will help the participants to design targeted focused customer communication, understand the limitations of standard economic concepts and formulas when applied to real life situations and account for the rational and irrational factors influencing consumer behaviour as it relates to energy efficient and environmentally conscious choices”. 


Dr. Lorenzo Lotti

Associate professor, program leader 

UCL Institute for Sustainable Resources 

“The Executive Coaching & Training Institute is an international training center providing study programs with a mission to educate sustainability leaders of the future with innovative and novel methodologies”. 

Armenian-British Business Chamber Insider

May-June 2022

The main purpose and objective of the training was to understand the causes and consequences of human behaviour, internal and external factors impacting the decision-making process, and possible ways of influencing human behaviour”.



“They [course participants] got acquainted with the principles of liberalization of the energy market, decision-making patterns by energy-generating enterprises under free-market conditions, the peculiarities of production cycles of alternative energy sources and technical possibilities of green energy accumulation.”


“The main purpose of scholarships [introduced by ECTI] is to cultivate young people to adapt to the rapidly changing demands of the labor market through self-development.” 


“ECTI is an institution that has a transformative impact on people’s social, economic and intellectual capacities, and inspires students to advance knowledge, to network and connect with different people, to forge their path to make a difference and become responsible managers and leaders”.


“Sustainable Development: Education, Environment, Energy”

Almanac, 2022