The investment opportunities of the DzoraHPP were showcased at London Tech Week 2024

Dzoraget Hydro: Cooperation and Investment Possibilities

Dzoraget Hydro: Cooperation and Investment Possibilities

At London Tech Week 2024, over 45,000 participants, including more than 1,000 investors, gathered alongside visionary individuals applying cutting-edge technology to address the world’s most pressing issues. Additionally, enterprise tech leaders, committed to enriching every facet of our lives, converged to explore the future trajectories of technology.

With representation from over 90 countries, this event served as the crossroads where the global tech ecosystem converges with the investment, innovation, and talent nurtured in the UK. Notably, it provided a platform for presenting the investment opportunities of the DzoraHPP and fostering proposals for collaboration in the investment sector.

On June 10th, 2024, the inaugural day of the conference, attendees received a “Dzoraget Hydro: Cooperation and Investment Possibilities” booklet containing a concise overview of the Dzora hydropower plant. This booklet detailed the plant's history, technical specifications, equipment descriptions, and its investment appeal.

Moreover, on June 12th, as part of the "United Kingdom: Springboard for Growth" event, key developmental trajectories of the DzoraHPP were elucidated by ECTI expert, Marina Hakobyan. This included discussions on its production capabilities, environmental considerations in plant operation, and ongoing efforts aimed at achieving zero environmental impact.

The Dzoraget hydropower plant is nestled on the banks of the Dzoraget River in Dzoraget village, located in the Lori region of Armenia. It began operations on November 15th, 1932, with an initial installed capacity of 22.32 MW. Currently, the facility operates three generators, boasting a combined installed capacity of 26.2 MW. Despite its modest size, the plant incorporates a water storage behind its weir, reflecting its run-of-the-river design.

Source: ECTI
Image: Dzoraget Hydro: Cooperation and Investment Possibilities