Tobias Reinauer

Ph.D., Course Designer, TOT

Dr. Reinauer was a Researcher and Teaching Fellow for the MSc in Economics and Policy of Energy and the Environment (EPEE) programme at University College London. In 2013-2014, Dr. Reinauer completed the MSc EPEE himself, which was the first year that the programme was run. From 2014-2018, he worked as a teaching assistant for various modules of the MSc. In 2019, Dr. Reinauer completed a Ph.D. degree for which he conducted a detailed study of technological learning processes among small and medium-sized enterprises in the Thai biogas industry. Dr. Reinauer’s general research interests focus on the intersection between technological innovation, social and economic development in low and middle-income countries, and climate change mitigation. Since October 2019, he has started a position as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the UNEP-DTU Partnership in Copenhagen, Denmark.

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