Suren Tatikyan

Doctor of Sciences

Dr. Tatikyan is the Senior Inspector for Safety and Security and Landscape Oversight at Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant. He is also Research Fellow at the National Polytechnic University of Armenia. Since the start of his career at Hrazdan Thermal Power Plant in 1972 he has authored six patents for innovation and efficiency, including modernisation of the 200MW gas turbine with downstream instalment. Dr. Tatikyan also authored a new design wind turbine with reduced diameter of rotating parts that allows to reduce transportation and instalment costs and facilitates operation of a wind power plant, reduces noise and vibration, and as a result, reduces the environmental impact. Its efficiency has resulted in reducing the production costs by 20%.  In 2015, for this innovation he was awarded the first prize for “Increasing Business Efficiency, Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Impact” at an international conference in Moscow, Russia.

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